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11 Very useful Excel keyboard shortcuts you may not know

These shortcuts will save you many trips the excels menu

  1. F4 - During formula typing, adjusts the reference type, abs to relative, otherwise repeats last action
  2. ctrl key+; - Inserts current date
  3. ctrl key+ - Copies value from cell above to current cell
  4. shift+F2 - Edits a cell comment
  5. alt+F8 - Opens macro dialog box
  6. alt+= - Auto sum selected cells and places value in cell beneath
  7. ctrl+shift+$ - Currency formats current cell
  8. ctrl+shift+& - Applies outline border to selected cells
  9. ctrl+shift+! - Comma formats current cell
  10. shift+ctrl+f - Activates font drop down list
  11. shift+ctrl+p - Activates font point size drop down list



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