Convert and crop Humax iCord HD Files

The Humax iCord HD is a Sat receiver and recorder with a nice feature set. It records digital video directly in .ts files. With newer software version, the iCord HD supports FTP access to its file system. If you copy a .ts file to your pc, you can play it using VLC. However, my favorite video cutting program, VideoRedo Plus does not support Humax .ts files directly.

Use this procedure to copy, convert and cut .ts files to standard format without loss of information.

  1. Copy file to pc using ftp or usb drive
  2. Variant 1: Use SUPER to convert to mpg type 2 file
    • Output MPG (Video MPEG-I, Audio MPEG-II)
    • MEncoder
    • Video and Audio stream copy, no loss of information digital copy.
  3. Variant 2: use ProjectX to convert to m2p file
    • » Process Window - select m2p
    • add input file(s)
    • select output directory
    • Quick start
  4. Use VideoRedo Plus to cut with frame precision. The resulting file will be large, because it is a full digital copy of the satellite video stream. But the resolution is very nice indeed.
  5. If i neeed smaller files i use SUPER again to convert it to a an Xvid AVI File, with these settings


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