Convert Technisat TS file to mkv

This is how to convert Technisat Digicorder TS or TS4 files to MKV (using H.264 video and mp3 audio)

  1. Get necessary tools
    • ProjectX
    • avidemux
  2. Copy .TS files from your PVR using a USB Harddisk
  3. Convert TS file to standard TS (not necessary, and does not work for TS4)
    1. Start ProjectX (Java, runs under any OS)
    2. Open your TS file
    3. CutControl: select parts you want
    4. FilterControl: Disable Teletext stream
    5. Process-prepare¬Ľ 'to TS'
    6. Start using |> / ||
    7. After processing you have a [remux]TS file playable in VLC
  4. Convert [remux]TS or TS4 to mkv
    1. Start avidemux
    2. open the file. Select main audio
    3. Video: MPEG4-AVC
    4. Audio: MP3(lame)
    5. Format: MKV
    6. Select Save to start processing


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