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Latex under windows

This text aims to give people interested in getting started with latex a starting point and recommendations for programs and extensions.

Programs for windows

  • miktex: very good latex implementation. It is recommended to use the 'basic installation', which loads necessary packages from the internet.
    • Important: use Programs-Miktex-MikTex Options and install the following packages and add-ons:
      • Documentation-Latex2e Reference. Gives you context sensitive help in Winedt using CTRL-F1
  • winedt, works very well with miktex. It is shareware, but well worth the price. Some features that set it apart from other editors:
    • Understands the structure of latex documents and shows a tree of all connectec documents. This also works if you use macros to include files, after you have configure the proper macros for file inclusion.
    • Very good spell checking support
    • Can be set up to work as a portable app.

Document templates

The initial learning curve for LaTeX can be steep. Particularly if you want to force LaTeX to format text exactly to you liking, you can loose a lot of time. Once you have useful template, you can concentrate on the content. As a starting point, here is my masterfile. The idea is to copy and customize this, and include your content as separate files. Another approach is a custom document class. However i don't use this any more, because you have to install the class file every time you change machines. I like self-contained document directories better.


  • Goossens, Mittelbach: Latex companion. Pearson Studium.


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