Nikto web server security assessment

Nikto performs automated tests agains webservers.

Nikto does require the LibWhisker Perl module, but this is built into the program so it does not need to be installed. You will want to install the Net::SSLeay Perl module if you want to test SSL.

or on Debian (or Ubuntu, of course)

apt-get install libcrypt-ssleay-perl libnet-ssleay-perl

For all distributions, installing from CPAN:

perl -MCPAN -e shell;
Cpan> install Net::SSLeay

You can find a download of the current version from

mkdir /usr/src
mv  nikto-current.tar.gz /usr/src
cd /usr/src

Untar the program.

tar zxvf nikto-current.tar.gz
perl -h
perl -h 


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