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Perfectly Rip Audio CDs to FLAC (works under windows and ubuntu/wine)

What we want:

  • Perfect quality: EAC is hands-down the best audio ripper, flac is lossless.
  • Correct tags: get them from freedb and correct errors / inconsistencies by hand (!)
  • Add cover art

Programs used:

  • EAC:
    • Install EAC (0.99, i had problems with 1.0beta under ubuntu 10.04)
    • configure you cd drive using the wizard
    • download and configure the flac compressor in eac
  • mp3tag: Download and install

Procedure: Use EAC and mp3tag in parallel

  • EAC:
    • Insert CD in drive
    • ALT-G yes → Get mp3 tags from freedba
    • SHIFT-F5 → Rips and compress to directory incoming
  • mp3tag
    • Check tags: ctrl-a and check/correct
      • CD title (with number for classic cds) (e.g. Weihnachtsoratorium (CD1)
      • CD Number
      • Artist (Harnoncour, Schäfer, Fink, Güra, …), Cover artist (Harnoncourt, Nikolaus), Composer (Bach, Johann Sebastian)
      • CTRL-S → Save
    • Tag sources - Cover art - Amazon to get cover art
    • ALT-1: Write corrected tags and cover art to files: %album% - CD%discnumber%.$num(%track%,2) - %title%


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