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Quick image upload to imageshack in ubuntu


My preferred way is to use PyShare. PyShare is a Nautilus script that is accessed via the right-click menu. Simply click on an image and choose 'send to Imageshack' from a menu. Easy!

Once an image has uploaded, PyShare provides links with code wrapped-around for forums or HTML as well as thumbnails, direct link and a tiny twitter link.

Install Installing PyShare is as easy as devouring a cup of coffee in the early morning. You will need to install python-pycurl (if it isn't already installed).

  Download the script @
  Unpack the archive (right click > extract here)
  Go to your home folder and press CTRL+H to show hidden files.
  find the folder called '.gnome2' (note the period preceding it)
  Place the extracted files into the 'nautilus scripts' folder

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