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vim-latexsuite on ubuntu 9.10

Here is how to get vim-latexsuite working on ubuntu

  • DON'T download the latex-suite file from and unzip into ~/.vim/. It just simply doesn't work because vim-addons cannot find it, even if ~/.vim/ is in the runtimepath of vim. I don't know why.
  • USE sudo apt-get install vim-latex to let ubuntu install it for you. Also do sudo apt-get install vim-addons-manager if you haven't.
  • sudo vim-addons -w install latex-suite
  • vim-addons: You should see
#name User Status System Status
latex-suite installed(or removed, doesn't matter) installed
* put your own tex.vim file in /usr/share/vim/addons/ftplugin/
* In .vimrc, add:
set runtimepath+=/usr/share/vim/addons
filetype plugin on
set grepprg=grep\ -nH\ $*
filetype indent on
let g:tex_flavor="latex"
  • you will see an error involved with remoteOpen.vim. I eliminated those error by commenting out the specific lines in remoteOpen.vim



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