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Word footnotes have undeletable extra lines

Word Fussnoten haben nicht löschbare leere Linien

Possible solutions:

  • Try to copy the entire file to the clipboard, minus the last paragraph sign. Paste to a new empty file.
  • In NORMAL VIEW (NOT Print Layout view), VIEW>FOOTNOTE and select FOOTNOTE SEPARATOR from drop down list. Now you can edit the separator. You'll probably see some blank lines before and/or after the little horizontal separator line itself. Delete those and close and go back to Print Layout view and the extra white space should be gone. Found answer deep in a MS site. No documentation anywhere else. Tried everything mentioned above in frustration.
  • Make sure that the footnote separator doesn't include any empty

paragraphs; turn on the display of nonprinting characters to find out (if you need instructions, see Also, make sure that the Footnote Text paragraph style doesn't include formatting such as “Keep lines together”, which could cause a lot of white space in the body text paragraphs.

In Word 2007:

  • Start Formattierzeichen anzeigen (verkehrtes |P)
  • Ansicht-Entwurf
  • Verweise-Notizen anzeigen
  • In der Fussnotenansicht in folgenden Dropdowns die überzähligen Paragraphenzeichen löschen
    • Fussnotentrennlinie
    • Fussnotenfortsetzungstrennlinie



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