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Install NUT on ipcop

Network ups tools is an open source ups management software, with clean design an flexible configuration. Here is a method to integrate it as a slave into ipcop:

  1. I used a debian 3.0 sarge machine to build the package. I first tried on newer ubuntu 6.1 machine, but got problem with the glib version.
  2. Download source package from, i did this with 2.0.5
  3. unpack it with tar xzvf
  4. build it according INSTALL
  ./configure && make
  1. install it to a dedicated directory
  make DESTDIR=/tmp/package install
  make DESTDIR=/tmp/package install-conf
  1. This leaves a complete /usr directory tree under /tmp/package
  2. Pack it up with
  tar czf nut-2.0.5.tgz /tmp/package
  1. Copy it to your ipcop Machine with
  scp -P 222


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