Sailing weather balearic

My sources for sailing weather info on the balearics as of 2014-10-05

Weight Source Remarks Type
✔✔✔Predicción Marítima. Costa de Illes BalearsOfficial marine forecast, same as on channel 16Public website
✔✔✔WeatherPro App (iOS and Android) • Good overview
• good SH and TS radar and forecast :!:
• Premium Subscription recommended
nonfree App with optional subscription
✔✔✔SEAMAN webappAccurate weather prediction, subscription basedSubscription webapp
✔✔GMDSS_METAREA3-W_INMARSATNavtex weather for Metarea 3Public website
Seewetter Pro App (iOS)Good app. Comprehensive DWD weather info. Prediction quality is mediocre, only for confirmationNonfree App
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